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Roblox lets you create, share experiences, and be anything you can imagine.

What Is Roblox APK and Is It Fun?

I never thought that I would get hooked with Roblox this much. As a person who conventionally liked fighting, hack and slash, battle royale game, I never imagined Roblox would offer so much thrill.

Read this article and find out what I have found so addicting about Roblox APK.

What kind of game is Roblox

If I have to describe what kind APK of Roblox is, Well, it’s everything. I was taken by surprise too after I downloaded Roblox APK expecting a generic opening, music, and whatnot.

Instead, you will be brought to a homepage with different sort of simulations. Pick the simulation that sounds interesting to you and off you go becoming a different person in a different world with a different goal.

Does it sound like something you might want to play? Below is the simulation I liked the most.

Roblox Simulation

There are many more simulations, but these are the ones I like the most.


Homestead [Alpha]

You start out the game as a homeless dude with no money, and your goal is to build a house for yourself. How? Money rolls into your bank slowly, and you can start building your house as slowly progresses.

Why would money roll into a homeless dude’s bank to let him build a house? I don’t know, it’s a game, but that’s what it makes it fun because not everything has to make sense.

Anyway, there will be other players running around trying to purchase land and build houses too. Other simulations are multiplayer where you can interact with others depending type of the simulation and what you are doing.

The gameplay is simple and fun, and it satisfies your thirst for design.


Horror Tycoon

What you do in Horror Tycoon is similar to Homestead. The difference is that you are building a haunted house.

As the master of this haunted house, you can equip yourself with a variety of iconic weapons in horror movies: kitchen knife, claws, hammer, blade saw, and whatnot. By the way, you can also customize your character to look like the villains too.

The fun part is, other people will do the same. They will hunt you down as you do the same to them. Essentially, it is a slaughterhouse for psychopath killers or ghosts.


Weight Lifting Simulator 3

You even lift, don’t you? Yes, I do, in Roblox simulator. In homestead [Alpha], a simulation of property management, you start as a homeless bloke without shelter. If that’s the case, what do you think your starting character will be in a lifting simulation?

Yep, you are a scrawny kid in the gym trying to bulk up and get ripped. As you do more bicep curls, you get stronger and visibly more buffed. So, what’s the point of lifting? You brawl. Your goal is to become the strongest dude in the gym and show other people what you are made of.

By the way, if you are patient and hell bent on becoming the toughest guy on the block, keep lifting and bench pressing, and you will become so buffed you are literally 3m tall.

It does not make sense? Who cares, it’s a game, and it’s supposed to be silly and fun, and I did have a lot of fun with it.


Ninja Masters

In this simulation, you become a ninja running around slashing opponents to earn gold and get new weapons. Does it sound a bit gory and violent? No, you are still a lego character, by slicing others to pieces, it looks no different than picking lego pieces apart though.

The thing I found most addicting with Ninja masters is the feeling of finally getting the beloved sword you always wanted. It just has a strange but satisfying sensation to it.


Legend of Speed

Have you watched the Flash? Have you ever wanted to know how it feels to run super fast? This is the simulation to quench that desire.

As a rookie, you will run at normal speed, but you run faster as you level up. There will be a point when you are just a bolt of lightning passing through from the other players perspective. There will be a race every few minutes for you to compete with other fastest kids on the block.

Other things to do include collecting gems to buy things, pets, or generally enjoying parkour.

Personally, what I have found most thrilling in this simulator is how you pass through the slow rookies like they are turtle once you are 10 times faster than them.

Then, as you think you are the top dog in the area, someone else is just as equally fast comes up and challenges you to the race. It is simply amazing and climatic when that happens.


Side note

Just to clarify, this is actually just a note from me about the game, not a simulation called side note. If you are worried about whether this game is age appropriate for your kids, please read this.

Throughout, you probably have noticed that there are a couple of potentially violent themes in the game. However, it really isn’t that much different from your every lego movies or cartoons. Plus, blood and other violent effects are basically minimal to non-existence. So, I would say it is age appropriate, but I will let you judge for yourself.


Bottom line

Roblox APK is an amazing game that you will never imagine you will get hooked until you give it a go. The game is simple, silly but each simulation would have some sort of addicting elements to it.

I had loads of fun playing the game, and I still am, up until this point. There are still so many simulators that I have not tried yet, and more keep coming everyday packed with features and new things.

Give it ago, and you will see what I mean. Roblox Download APK is right here. Thank you for reading the article and if you like Roblox APK, remember to also check out Roblox Studio APK as there are more good stuff there.


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